Golfing in Costume, 1947

This might or might not be a Halloween photo.  The archivists guessed yes, and on what other occasions do grown women dress up in silly outfits?  I think I recognize most of the looks here.  Starting from the right we have the little girl from the prairie, the old lady with the lace collar, the matchstick girl, and a downscale Letty Lynton.  But just what is the woman on the far left dressed as?  I would appreciate your guesses.  To me it looks like she is wearing a bowler hat and carrying a cane to accessorize her bathrobe and a pair of very baggy pants. 

Do you ever dress up for Halloween?  I’m afraid I’ve become the grouchy old lady who leaves the porch light off.

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3 Responses to Golfing in Costume, 1947

  1. Bell Neice says:

    It may be just me, but the little girl from the prairie looks like a man. Don’t know if that helps figuring out what kind of occasion this is.

  2. Lizzie Bramlett says:

    Maybe it’s a costume contest? Whatever the occasion, my house was dark over the weekend as well.

  3. Susan Klein says:

    I’m pretty sure the woman on the left has a golf club in her hand, not a cane! And I used to have a hat from my grandmother that is very similar — black straw with little black baubles along the edge and black netting (I think in the photo there are baubles attached to the netting as well). Why she’s wearing the pajamas, no clue, but could this be some kind of fund raising event at the golf course?

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