Toasting Thanksgiving, 1947

You wonder what they had to be so thankful for in 1947.  Were they still toasting the end of World War Two, or was it some private milestone?  I know I will be lifting at least a few glasses to celebrate the conclusion of this long election season.

Alcohol aside, it is hard to know what is more eye-catching in this photo, the man’s striking tie or the woman’s ruched dress.  Thanks to The Vintage Dancer, I know the man’s tie was right in style.  After the war, men’s ties got short, wide, and wild.  The one above checks all the boxes.

However, since this blog is about women, let’s concentrate on the fabulous slim dress that this middle aged woman wears.  She is right in style with her longer dress length, the New Look inaugurated by Dior only a few months before.  What fascinates me is the long line of ruching (a kind of gathering) down the side of the dress.  In my resources for the 1940s, I couldn’t find a similar example.  I discovered many ruched bodices, a technique that adds volume to the bust.  However, probably only a rail thin woman like the one above would risk a long line of ruching over her hips.  Maybe she designed it herself.

However you celebrate your Thanksgiving, I hope it is happy and safe.

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2 Responses to Toasting Thanksgiving, 1947

  1. JS says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Susan says:

    This French blogger ( ) just shared a fashion magazine from December 1948. All the dresses use lavish amounts of fabric, celebrating the end of rationing. Swags, drapes, asymmetrical full skirts — the lady in this photo was fashion forward!

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