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Finally Fashion Forward?

I used to think that I was the only woman in America who didn’t wear jeans, but maybe that is changing.  The Washington Post recently featured an article on the decline of jeans sales during the pandemic. More and more … Continue reading

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Covid Coiffure Complete

Well, it’s done. All the red in my hair is gone. Now it’s a color that I don’t recognize at all–a kind of steely gray with just a hint of brown. Those lighter shades you see are a lighter gray. … Continue reading

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Sewing for the Apocalypse

If you follow a lot of sewing blogs, you’ll know that some people have used the new reality to ramp up their sewing practice.  Not me.  I was already in a sewing slump before Covid 19 changed our lives.  Standard … Continue reading

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What Color is My Hair?

I don’t know what color my hair is because I have been dyeing it for about 25 years.  Clearly it is some kind of gray, but what kind? A beautiful silver color like my 95 year old mother? A kind … Continue reading

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The Hip Shelf

I’m guessing the photographer, Marjorie Collins, chose this particular composition for the contrast in textiles.  Or maybe it was for evidence of just what women were willing to take off on a hot day—with shoes, stockings and jackets strewn in … Continue reading

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Wrinkle Positivity

Recently I have been following the “body positivity” movement on blogs and Instagram.  Women who are larger than those depicted in the main stream media (i.e. most of us) are demanding that they be recognized not only as normal, but … Continue reading

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Eat My Words

You might know my love of Mrs. Exeter, Vogue magazine’s effort to reach out to the older woman in the years after World War Two.  She appeared in many places, including the fashion magazine, the Vogue Pattern Book magazine, and … Continue reading

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Today’s Fit on My Body—Vogue 1411 Pants

I took my own challenge to see if Sandra Betzina’s “Today’s Fit” line fit offered advantages for my own aging body.  The results were mixed, but I did learn a lot and got a new (if imperfect), comfortable pair of … Continue reading

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Mother of the Bride

Many women live in dread of dressing up as the mother of the bride or groom.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast’s overview of the standard options. While I also had my fears, I … Continue reading

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My Grandmother’s Quilt

My grandmother Madge had exquisite sewing skills. She made clothing for herself, her children, and eventually her grandchildren.  That must have added up to a lot of scraps, but quilting was not high on her list.  As far as I … Continue reading

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