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Ann Bonfoey Taylor—Life as a Sportswoman

Although Ann Bonfoey Taylor was interested in fashion all of her life, and even designed her own line of ski clothes in the 1940s, it was only in the 1960s that she achieved national status as fashion tastemaker. Vogue, Life, … Continue reading

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Labor Day Race, 1917

I thought it might be hard to find photos of women on Labor Day doing anything but dishing up potato salad, but I was wrong.  The Digital Pubic Library of America, one of my favorite sources, had many pictures of … Continue reading

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At the Beach, 1940s

Since Labor Day is fast approaching, the official end to summer in the US, I thought I needed at least one more beach photo.  This couple certainly looks to be enjoying the sun, especially the man with his sun glasses … Continue reading

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At the Beach, 1930s

Since summer has officially arrived, it’s time to take a look at older women in the swim. Are these two women wearing skirted bathing suits?  Or do they have on short play dresses, designed for fun and sun but not … Continue reading

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Considering Sportswear–Golfing, 1937

By 1937, some young women were wearing pants to play golf—but not these two.  It looks like their mother had brought for a day on the course. Did she play as well?  If so, she has on the wrong shoes. … Continue reading

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Meet Tish

Since the early twentieth century author Mary Roberts Rinehart made the Washington Post this morning, I thought I would do a reprise of my favorite character of hers, the single older woman, Tish. When I hear the old-fashioned word spinster, … Continue reading

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A Stylish Stout Woman at the Beach, 1953

In the 1920s, makers of plus size clothing, what was then called “stoutwear,” invented different names and sizes for different kinds of larger bodies.  A big breasted figure with a relatively small waist was named a “stylish stout.”  It was … Continue reading

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At the Beach, 1940s

This almost looks like a staged photo for an older adult fitness magazine, if such a thing existed in the 1940s.  Perhaps, though, it was just evidence of a fun beach day among family and friends. Given the high-waisted pants, … Continue reading

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At the Beach, 1960s

Are they off on a brief vacation, or is this their retirement home?  Somehow I’m guessing the latter. I don’t think they could have achieved their well-tanned look in the course of a few days.  This is some people’s idea … Continue reading

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Summer at Martha’s Vineyard, 1950s

It is the wrong season for this picture, but I couldn’t resist since it contains some of my favorite elements—the many kinds of pants and shorts worn in the 1950s and a stark generational contrast between the old and young. … Continue reading

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