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The Journey to Internment

Calisphere has a large collection of photos by Dorothea Lange documenting the round up and deportation of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.  The most heart wrenching show individuals and families waiting for transport, many with confused and dazed … Continue reading

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Protesting in 1947

This wonderful photo appeared last week’s New York Times in an article about the the first big fight around increasing bus and subway fares in the city.  “Picketing a fare increase in front of City Hall in 1947,” the caption … Continue reading

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Gossiping on Geary Street near Union Square, 1947

It pays to have friends who are librarians.  Ever since I started this project on older women and fashion, I’ve had the help and encouragement of Becky Imamoto at the UC Irvine Library.  She’s ordered books and online collections for … Continue reading

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Labor Activist Pauline Newman, 1974

There’s a theme to my last few posts—the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. Not only is it an important topic for those interested in American clothing, but the photographs are wonderful. At the center of this photo is the diminutive … Continue reading

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What to Wear on a California Vacation, 1914

Although this group had hiked up a small hill for the photograph, the chauffer-looking fellow in the background makes me think that they were probably traveling by car.  Some had dressed for exercise more than others.  The youngest woman, second … Continue reading

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Spring Outfits for Mother and Daughter

Appearances alone should be enough to identify these two women as mother and daughter, but each photo also has “Mom, me” written on the back.  On the left we see them in stylish hats and spring coats.  The daughter has … Continue reading

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Cold Legs, Warm Heart

“Snow the Winter of ’79,” it reads on the back of this snapshot.  Lets hope she had someone helping her shovel her walk. Our woman was bundled up against the cold, putting on an old fur coat (maybe from the … Continue reading

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Women Voting, 1944

This imaginative photograph comes from the 1944 presidential election. Voting took place as American troops were still fighting in Europe and Asia. Sitting President Franklin D. Roosevelt won 81% of the popular vote.  Such a landslide is unthinkable in today’s … Continue reading

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Mother and Daughter, 1925

Given all the facial similarities, these two are obviously mother and daughter. They even have very similar hairstyles. The photo offers clear evidence of what aging does to facial features. The mother’s cheeks are sagging, the lines around her mouth … Continue reading

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Three Generations, 1920s

Three generation photos are some of my very favorites because they offer a chance to see how different age groups interpreted, or ignored, current styles. This might be a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, although the faces are quite fuzzy. Judging … Continue reading

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