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Mary B. Talbert, Feminist Icon

Why isn’t Mary B. Talbert (1866-1923) better known?  I discovered her through a feature on black women suffragists at the Digital Public Library of America.  However, suffrage was just one of her causes.  She was involved in the anti lynching … Continue reading

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Sewing for a Cause, 1959

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new.  Here’s a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt, then in her mid seventies, with a needle in her hand. She is meant to be sewing in the new label for the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. It … Continue reading

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Looking Back to the Flu Epidemic, 1918

Apparently not everyone was on lockdown during the influenza epidemic of 1918.  I found these images on one of my favorite website, the Digital Public Library of America. All kinds of institutions collected photos of the epidemic. The three I’ve … Continue reading

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Let’s Do the Twist on New Year’s Eve

Is it really New Year’s Eve? From the back of the photo, I know who is dancing (Bill and Ginny) and where (at Chris and Charlie’s house in Valley Stream), but not when.  New Year’s Eve is a good guess, … Continue reading

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Fourth of July in Syracuse, 1918

World War One ended in 1918, but not until mid November—the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  When this Fourth of July picture was taken in Syracuse, New York, no one knew that the end was … Continue reading

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Protesting in 1947

This wonderful photo appeared last week’s New York Times in an article about the the first big fight around increasing bus and subway fares in the city.  “Picketing a fare increase in front of City Hall in 1947,” the caption … Continue reading

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Visiting the New York World’s Fair

The New York Public Library has a huge digital collection of photographs and documents from the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair.  Among the photos, you can find not only the expected ones of striking buildings, but also hundreds of shots … Continue reading

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Me and Molly–A Play about Half Sizes

Gertrude Berg (1899-1966) made a career out of bringing the Jewish-American experience to the nation.  In 1929, she wrote, produced and performed in the radio drama The Rise of the Goldbergs, later renamed simply The Goldbergs. It stayed on the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fashion Climbing by Bill Cunningham

In this book, you meet a different Bill Cunningham than the one presented in the documentary, Bill Cunningham New York, or in his New York Times photos.  This is a memoir of his early years in New York when he … Continue reading

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The Styles of 1914

In the world of high fashion impracticality, the stylish silhouettes of 1914 look especially odd to contemporary eyes.  They included a long tunic that billowed around the hips with a very narrow skirt at the bottom. On her blog Witness … Continue reading

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