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Kamala Harris, Plain and Fancy

By now you have probably heard about the dust up over Vogue’s February issue featuring Kamala Harris on the cover. According to Vogue, both photos, shot by African American photographer Tyler Mitchell, were approved for publication.  The more casual look … Continue reading

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Melania at the RNC Convention

Military-inspired fashion for women is not a new thing.  But is it usually quite so literal?  I’m wondering just what Melania Trump had in mind when she gave her convention speech in an outfit that looks like she got it … Continue reading

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Finally Fashion Forward?

I used to think that I was the only woman in America who didn’t wear jeans, but maybe that is changing.  The Washington Post recently featured an article on the decline of jeans sales during the pandemic. More and more … Continue reading

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Covid Coiffure Complete

Well, it’s done. All the red in my hair is gone. Now it’s a color that I don’t recognize at all–a kind of steely gray with just a hint of brown. Those lighter shades you see are a lighter gray. … Continue reading

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Faith Ringgold–Artist Chic

Have you heard the term “art teacher chic”? Well, what about an actual artist? Take a look at this photo of multi-talented Faith Ringgold—painter, quilter, children’s book author and illustrator, writer (and I’m sure the list goes on.)  Her talent … Continue reading

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Demonstrating While Old

I’ve been out on the street many times in my life, not because I’m brave or a savvy political organizer. No, I’ve been inspired to march when I’m angry and/or sad.  Right now I’m both of those things, and ashamed … Continue reading

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Covid Coiffure

Are you keeping a Covid diary?  I tried writing down what I accomplished every day, but the repetition of “sew masks, walk, read mystery book” became boring fast.  For me, the real document of this pandemic is my hair. After … Continue reading

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Jane Brody and Me

I opened up the New York Times wellness briefing today to discover that Jane Brody, turning 79, had been working at the newspaper for forty years.  That’s just about as long as I have been reading her columns.  We started … Continue reading

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Sewing for the Apocalypse

If you follow a lot of sewing blogs, you’ll know that some people have used the new reality to ramp up their sewing practice.  Not me.  I was already in a sewing slump before Covid 19 changed our lives.  Standard … Continue reading

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What Color is My Hair?

I don’t know what color my hair is because I have been dyeing it for about 25 years.  Clearly it is some kind of gray, but what kind? A beautiful silver color like my 95 year old mother? A kind … Continue reading

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