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Oldsters at the Pride Parade

If you associate gay pride events with young men in colorful costumes, then you are probably overlooking the older women who are also part of the parade.  The lesbians who took part in the Gay Rights’ movement of the 1960s … Continue reading

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Considering Martha Stewart

I debated whether or not to write this post for days. Don’t we have more important things to consider than Martha Stewart in a bathing suit? However, I overcame my objections because her Sports Illustrated cover poses important questions about … Continue reading

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Hearts on their Sleeves–The Terno in Los Angeles

In what contexts do immigrants wear their native dress?  For Filipina women, the most distinctive item of clothing is the terno—a dress or set of matching separates with a much extended, wing-like upper sleeve, as seen in the picture above. … Continue reading

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Barbara Carrasco’s Censored Mural

California has the reputation of a progressive blue state, but that hasn’t always been the case.  As recently as 1981, the Los Angeles Community Rehabilitation Agency commissioned mural artist Barbara Carrasco to create a work to commemorate the 200th anniversary … Continue reading

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Considering the Coastal Grandmother

I’ve been avoiding the topic of the Coastal Grandmother, even though it seems a perfect subject for this blog.  Why?   It smacks so much of wealth and white privilege. Everything is white, from the people, to the backgrounds, to the … Continue reading

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The Red Hat Society Lives On

Any commentary about older women and fashion in America must address the Red Hat Society, a loosely knit organization of women over fifty.  Moreover, the founder of the group, Sue Ellen Cooper, hails from my neck of the woods in … Continue reading

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A Faith Ringgold Retrospective

Aren’t there times when you wished you lived in New York City?  I wish I were there now to see the Faith Ringgold retrospective at the New Museum.  It is the first comprehensive US retrospective of her work, beginning with … Continue reading

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Dress Up Shoes and the Older Woman

What shoes should women wear to fancy dress up events?  Looking at the images presented in most media, it would seem that sky high heels are the preferred option.  That might be okay for the younger set, but by the … Continue reading

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Mini Skirts and the Older Woman

The British designer Mary Quant is often given credit for inventing the mini skirt, that iconic clothing item of the 1960s.  Where did her ideas come from?  In her interesting book on women designers, Women of Fashion, historian Valerie Steele … Continue reading

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Nomadland–The Movie

Has there ever been a film that I liked better than the book?  I can’t think of one, and the film Nomadland didn’t change my mind.  As friends remind me, books and films shouldn’t really be compared since they are … Continue reading

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