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Big Birthday, Big Cake–1961

When this photo appeared in the Valley Times in 1961, the accompanying text read, “Five generations of the Prince family were on hand to help celebrate the 90th birthday of Mrs. Emma E. Prince, a woman who honeymooned to the … Continue reading

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Hiking in Pearls, Late Fifties or Early Sixties

From the recent showing of The Crown, I know that some older women (Queen Elizabeth, for example) hiked wearing skirts well into the 1980s.  However, Elizabeth’s outdoor outfits looked considerably more rough and ready than the sheath dress worn by … Continue reading

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Chic Trio, 1960

These three women have captured the look of polished sportswear.  Thanks to some sainted family historian, I have a lot of details about the snapshot. It was taken in Belmar, New Jersey in July 1960.  Although the handwriting isn’t entirely … Continue reading

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Sewing Classes in Chicago, ca. 1960

September is National Sewing Month, and I’m happily turning my attention away from our fraught political climate to find photos of older women practicing this craft.  The American Sewing Guild, of which I’m a member, calls sewing “an art and … Continue reading

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Home Economics in North Carolina, 1967

Ever since I discovered the amazing Home Economics Archive from Cornell University, I have changed my view of this field of inquiry.  Like many young women who came of age in the 1960s, I felt that Home Ec was a … Continue reading

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Book Review–The 1950s in Vogue: The Jessica Daves Years by Rebecca C. Tuite

This is what the cover of my copy of The 1950s in Vogue looks like—no book title, no author, and no indication of the fact that the book is actually about Vogue editor, Jessica Daves.  Perhaps this is a new … Continue reading

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Vintage Caturday

In honor of the social media phenomenon of “Caturday,” I am contributing this wonderful vintage photo from 1963. I know for a fact, however, that the photo was taken on a Sunday.  There is a short, short story written on … Continue reading

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The Bridge Ladies

Not too long ago I read a wonderful memoir called The Bridge Ladies about a group of four friends who played bridge every week over the course of fifty years.  Their conversations covered marriages, children, and eventually widowhood.  Throughout there … Continue reading

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Let’s Do the Twist on New Year’s Eve

Is it really New Year’s Eve? From the back of the photo, I know who is dancing (Bill and Ginny) and where (at Chris and Charlie’s house in Valley Stream), but not when.  New Year’s Eve is a good guess, … Continue reading

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On the Road with Gloria Swanson for Forever Young

In the 1951 contract that Gloria Swanson signed with Puritan Dress was a clause promising that she would make a month long promotional trip every year to promote her line of Forever Young dresses.  Her archive is filled with documents … Continue reading

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