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Maree’s Fashion Cycle

Many sociologists who study fashion try to determine when and for what reason people buy clothes. For a long time, the assumption was that older people tended to slow down consumption as they aged. Why? Often they have a smaller … Continue reading

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Treasure and Trash on Pinterest

I have given up on Pinterest many times.  After getting recommendations from friends and sewing teachers, I’ve tried to assemble various “collections” of things that inspire me.  Each time I have delved into that chaotic bundle of images, I have … Continue reading

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Our Lady of the Parrots, 1941

“Touch and feed the animals at your own risk,” it says on the plaque behind this intrepid parrot lover.  The picture was taken somewhere in Florida in 1941.  Does anyone have any idea where? I don’t think I would be … Continue reading

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Florida Flapper, 1924

This woman isn’t really a flapper, a term most accurately applied only to very young women. However, she has certainly embraced key elements of the 1920s style.  She wears a dropped waist dress decorated with pleats and pintucks to add … Continue reading

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Exercise Classes at Century Village, 1973

In the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency of US government sponsored a photo documentation project inspired in part by the efforts by the Farm Security Administration (FSA) during the Great Depression. Called Docuamerica, the project lasted from 1972 to 1978 … Continue reading

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Two Elderly African American Women, St. Augustine Florida

This beautiful photo comes from the Richard Twine collection, available at the extraordinary site, Florida Memory. Twine was an African American photographer who documented the St. Augustine neighborhood of Lincolnville, the center of black life in the city in the … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve in Fort Lauderdale, 1969

Wouldn’t it be fun to know this band’s name and the venue where they were playing? The record from Florida Memory doesn’t say, and I turned up nothing online. The two women left and middle are nowhere near fifty, but … Continue reading

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Marching for the Equal Rights Amendment in Florida

In 1972, the US congress passed an Equal Rights Amendment that was sent to the states for ratification. It never won the requisite number of state endorsements for inclusion in the constitution. In Florida, the struggle for state approval went … Continue reading

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Heading Out, 1928

This beautiful portrait by Florida botanist J. K. Small shows an older woman and child on the steps of their house. I found it on the website Florida Memory. Since Small mainly took photographs of the flora of the Everglades, … Continue reading

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