Halloween in Covina, 1979

Los Angeles Public Library

Los Angeles Public Library

It’s not as hard to find pictures of older women in Halloween costumes as you might think. Of course they are not on the streets trick-or-treating; instead, look for them at Halloween parties.

The Los Angeles Public Library provides a rather cryptic caption for this photo– “Dorothy and Eleanor’s families get-together for a Halloween party in Covina. Eleanor is kneeling, 2nd from the right. Dorothy is behind her, holding 2 apples.” But who are Dorothy and Eleanor? After looking through other library records, my guess is that they are the Latina twins, Dorothy and Eleanor Holway, originally from East LA. Their family photos were part of the library’s “Shades of LA” exhibit which documented the ethnic diversity of Southern California.

There is a good range of costumes here, moving from the classic—clowns and Mickey Mouse—to the obscure. Just what is the woman front left supposed to be in her blond wig and fur collar? Orphan Annie, but older? I welcome your thoughts. (Click on the photo for a larger view.)

Eleanor appears as a classic Indian princess, perhaps with real Native American jewelry. Her twin Dorothy doesn’t seem to have dressed up at all, unless we consider the apples as part of a costume.

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3 Responses to Halloween in Covina, 1979

  1. eimear says:

    not too sure about blondie….. but its great to see a photo with ‘home-made’ costumes (sign of the times!)

  2. Fabrickated says:

    How long has grown up dressing up on halloween been going on in the US Lynn? It’s not really caught on here yet, or trick and treating. Where did the idea come from?

    • Lynn says:

      Gosh, I should look into this. Certainly during my lifetime (born 1950) Halloween parties for adults have been popular. And these days pretty much everyone except me is in a costume.

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