Votes for Women, 1912

These Ohio women weren’t shy about advocating for the vote.  The big sign urges men to vote for the amendment to the Ohio state constitution that would have given women state suffrage.  The amendment failed by a wide margin.  By 1912, only eight states—all in the West–had approved women’s suffrage.  Like the majority of women in the country, those in Ohio would have to wait until 1920 to win their right to vote. 

What fascinates me about this photo, in addition to the gigantic sign, is the wide array of clothing on display.  There are older looking women in dresses (or matching skirt and blouse ensembles), several in suits with long jackets, one in the standard white shirtwaist and dark skirt, and another in a mannish outfit complete with tie.  This makes me guess that these women came from a variety of backgrounds—prosperous matrons, working women, and maybe even a college girl.  And note the many hats with feathers!

This is a reminder that gaining the right to vote was the result of long struggles.  I hope we don’t forget that come November. 

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