Mother’s Day at the First Christian Church, 1973

The First Christian Church of Corpus Christi, Texas decided to honor the oldest and youngest mothers in the congregation on Mother’s Day, 1973.  What a wonderful contrast between the outfits of the very old and still quite young. 

We can imagine that the motherhood of the young woman on the right might not have been planned—she looks to be in her mid-teens.  Perhaps some of the congregants tisk-tisked at her age and the length of her skirt.  She’s keeping up with trends, though, from her raised hem line to her chunky shoes.

The oldest mother, maybe in her nineties, is a woman beyond style trends.  She wears a hat, long out of fashion, perhaps out of habit or to cover her thinning chair.  Her sensible shoes might be decades old.  Although her dress has no discernable style lines, it is clearly made from a fancy fabric, perhaps a heavy lace.  I think this is how I will dress in my nineties—a simple outfit from a beloved textile.

You have wonder what they thought of each other and of this photo commemorating their special day. 

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day at the First Christian Church, 1973

  1. Bob Moeller says:

    I’ll want to be around to see you in a dress when you’re in your nineties. And why are the younger women’s shoese ‘clunky’ and the older woman’s ‘sensible’?

    • Nann says:

      I well remember those early 70’s shoes and they were indeed clunky. Bulbous toes, chunky heels. Thick laces threaded through over-sized holes.

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