Gramie and Grampi Cut the Cake, 1960

Found photo

“Gramie and Grampi with the cake Annie made for you,” reads the message on the back of this photo.  At first I thought this might be an anniversary celebration cake for the older couple, but the caption tells a different story.  In a way I’m glad, because the pair doesn’t looked dressed up enough for a big party in their honor.

There are so many great details in this photo—the exuberant wallpaper, the photo studded TV, and what looks like a hand painted picture of a graduating couple in the background.  The clothes are also interesting.  The woman wears a fifties style double breasted shirt waist dress edged with polka dot trim at the collar, sleeves, pocket and the front facing.  A bar pin keeps the neck line opening in place.  Her belt is white, coordinating with the white polka dots.  I wonder if she sometimes wore a dark belt instead. 

Her husband also has on casual clothes, including a plaid shirt and suspenders.  Perhaps the shirt is homemade, since the pockets look unusually low.  A mistake or a custom touch? His bolo tie might give a hint to the location—it’s a male accessory I associate with the American Southwest.

Did the photographer catch the grandfather at a bad moment, or had someone just said something rude?

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4 Responses to Gramie and Grampi Cut the Cake, 1960

  1. ceci says:

    Bolo ties were very popular with my dad, grandfather and uncles from the ’50s on; they had collections of them from various trips and even events. They were from the mid-west originally and lived on the east coast, so in my experience not a southwest thing.

    I guess they are more comfortable than a regular tie?


  2. Lynn says:

    Good to know! Thanks.

  3. squeakytiki says:

    I think you’re right about his shirt being home made, those pockets appear to be cut with the pattern on the diagonal as well.

  4. Bob Moeller says:

    Annie is ready for the Great British Baking Show! What man (or woman) wouldn’t want a shirt like his?

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