The Full Fancy at the Airport, 1963

Found photo

This dressed up woman has inspired me to coin a phrase—“the full fancy.”  By that I mean adding every possible fancy element to your outfit, even when the situation doesn’t necessarily call for it.  Is she going on a trip or meeting someone?  Whatever the case, she has embellished her dress and jacket with bejeweled cat eye glasses, a big necklace, bracelets, gloves and even a fur stole.  That might be a hat on her head, or perhaps an elaborate updo.  She looks ready for the opera.

What immediately drew my attention, however, were her poor feet.  Like many older women, she has swollen ankles—what happens when the blood isn’t flowing as well as it once did.  Despite this, she has put on high heeled shoes that look quite uncomfortable, even painful, to walk in.  Airport hallways are long! I hope whomever she was trying to impress was worth it. 

Now that going to the airport has become unusual, will we all start dressing up again?

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  1. CM says:

    I hope those are compression stockings.

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