Pearls at the Picnic, 1960

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Well, here’s a reminder of how casual dress has changed.  I’m guessing that this 1960 photo is of some kind of club or church summer picnic.  All the women, middle aged and older, have shown up in summer dresses that still follow classic fifties styles. The men, who have moved away from the table, wear short sleeved shirts and khaki pants.  Not a pair of shorts or tee shirt to be seen.

Of course I’m most interested in the older woman above, not caught at her best moment.  Her dress is a neat shirtwaist print with a contrasting handkerchief in the pocket.  It has pearl button closures that match the double strand of peals she is wearing.  She has on lipstick and her hair is tightly curled. Clearly for her this was a special event, worth making a special effort.  What a shame we can’t see her shoes.

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  1. Carla says:

    Love your blog, Lynn! Thanks! Maybe this was a picnic held directly after the church service. The men look pretty dressed up too! No children to be seen.

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