Say It With Flowers, 1958

HolliePoint’s Family Photo

Standing out like a canary among the pigeons, the woman in the yellow dress catches our eye.  With her light colored hair, bare arms, and fit and flair dress, she looks a lot younger than her companions to the left.  I think she dressed for maximum impact, accentuating the flowered pattern on her dress with a big flower behind (or on?) her ear.  The textile print featuring big bouquets is very young looking, something you might expect a teenager to wear.

In this second photo, the contrast is not so extreme.  We see that she’s not all that much younger than her companions.  Her hair looks to be a natural silver, not a dyed blond.  And even though she’s slimmer than the other women, her figure still shows some of the natural signs of aging.

Her wardrobe choices broke many fashion rules given to older women at the time, something you can easily see in comparison with her companions.  They have covered their arms and stick to darker hues.  By contrast, she has chosen a light color, a sleeveless style, and a fairly loud print.  Do you think the other women gossiped behind her back, wishing that she would act her age?

Many thanks to Jennifer from HolliePoint Vintage for sharing this family photo with me.  Her mother Carolyn was at this summer party in Hutchinson, Kansas. Unfortunately she was much too young to remember the colorful mystery woman.

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1 Response to Say It With Flowers, 1958

  1. Judith Rickard says:

    I think the flower is an earring.

    I love this stand-up lady…she reminds me of my fashionable grandmother. (And is a great example of the benefits of a decent bra!)

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