Felipe Family Women, 1979

In family photos that span the generations you can often see how women hold on to styles that make them feel comfortable, regardless of current trends.  In this photograph of a Mexican American family in Corona, California, the three older women present three distinct moments of American style. 

The matriarch at the bottom left wears a shirtwaist style beloved by many generations of American women. Her hair is fixed in that close-to-the-head look of the 1950s. On her right, her daughter has on a flowered sheath dress with sleeves, a style made popular in the 1960s.  Even the print looks to be from the flower power era, and her hair has a Jackie Kennedy look.  The third generation, the woman in the middle, wears pants, a much more up-to-date style. That is some seriously big hair.  

The young mother in the back on the left is the only one smiling.  She looks at home in her casual separates, as if it would never occur to her in a million years to put on a dress.

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  1. Nann says:

    And now that baby is 43 years old!

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