In the Pink, 1996

Found photo

Here’s a big spread for a very big celebration.  If I’m not mistaken, the cake says “Happy 95th Birthday.”  I hope a lot of people came to sample the desserts.

Our celebrant has gotten dressed up for the event—a pink broad shouldered jacket, a colorful coordinating top, a necklace, and a butterfly pin.  Was pink a favorite color?  It looks good with her rosy complexion and her white hair.  Is it a trick of the photo, or do her glasses also have a pink tinge?

Given how good she looks in this color, it is remarkable to consider that when she was born older women were told never to wear pink.  It was considered a juvenile color best suited for girls and very young women.  Fashion writers advised older women to keep black clothing as the backbone of their wardrobe, adding gray, mauve, and perhaps light blue when feeling adventurous.  How fortunate the rules have changed!

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2 Responses to In the Pink, 1996

  1. Judith Rickard says:

    95 and looking GOOD! I wish we had a photo of her at her 100th, which I bet she made it to.

    That jacket looks identical to a Nordstrom blazer that I owned in the 1980s (unabashed fan of shoulder pads, here!). In fact, I owned that Nordie blazer in at least three colors…but sadly, not pink. If pink had been available in my area, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. I wore those jackets to death.

  2. Nann says:

    Oh, those shoulder pads!

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