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Thanksgiving Travel, 1951

The caption for this photo reads: “92-year-old great grandmother Mrs. C. C. Adams of Hooker, Oklahoma, reversed the old saying ‘over the hills to grandma’s house’ when she decided to take her first flight via TWA Skycoach to greet part … Continue reading

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Simplicity Patterns, 1957

In an old book listing careers in fashion, one of the possible jobs described was to work for a pattern company and travel around the country showing the company’s designs to interested women. That is precisely what is going on … Continue reading

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Picture Postcards, 1900s

These two studio photographs were apparently taken on the same day—if you look closely at the clothing you will see it is the same except for the woman’s collar.  I wonder if this often happened, that sitters got their pictures … Continue reading

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A Female Get Together, Maybe 1960s

At first glance, I thought that this photo of women of very different ages sitting on the floor might depict a feminist conscious raising session. (You can make a few guesses about my early adulthood from that assumption.) But then … Continue reading

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A Stylish Librarian in Black and White

I love libraries. Even in this age of online resources, document delivery services, and tablets, I love going into the library stacks and wandering around. That’s why I was happy to give a talk at my university’s library on the … Continue reading

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Finding a Fashion Signature—Edith Head

Many fashion magazines advise women of all ages, and especially older women, to change their look now and then in order to keep up with current styles.  But a rarefied circle of women have made a career out of projecting … Continue reading

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The WPA Sewing Project

In the US, most of us have probably come across a bridge or a trail that was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Depression Era government sponsored employment agency.  Not only did the program build bridges and sponsor … Continue reading

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How to Keep Cool in the Summer

These two older women came up with very different ways to beat the summer heat.   The one lying on the lounge chair has on a dress, perhaps an ordinary house dress, and has not even changed out of her all … Continue reading

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Mrs. Olsen’s Style

As a person born smack dab in the middle of the twentieth century, I still like my newspaper on paper, preferably with comics.  That’s where I noticed Mrs. Olsen, the superannuated grade school teacher who appears in the comic strip … Continue reading

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Cat Eyes

Since I have just caught up with all the latest looks while having my hair cut and colored, I know that cat eye glasses are in again.  First introduced in the 1950s, and often featuring jewels and other sparkles at … Continue reading

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