New Year’s Eve, 1964

As I’ve said many times, I love New Year’s Eve.  For me, it has the lowest stress factor for a holiday.  There are no presents to worry about and no special food traditions to comply with or ignore (in my family, anyway).  Most of all, I love champagne!  It is the one time of the year when almost everyone is enjoying my favorite sparkly drink.  And even though I know that it is an illusion, I like the hope of a fresh start.

This New Year’s Eve photo comes from Shorpy’s site, marking a family celebration.  I think the older woman on the left looks very festive in her plaid sheath dress and shiny necklace.  Note the sixties style cat eye glasses (a favorite look of mine) and her perfectly coiffed gray hair.  (Does it have a touch of blue?) My only criticism is that only one person seems to be drinking—and it doesn’t look like champagne.  Did they save the New Year’s toast for later?

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2 Responses to New Year’s Eve, 1964

  1. susan says:

    I’m impressed by the fact that the men were dressed up, too — even though they’re eating on TV trays! The woman in the background with the perfect “flip” hairstyle and lovely Empire cocktail dress looks the way I wanted to look in 1964! Thanks for this moment of “time travel!”

  2. Rhoda K says:

    Love this trip back in time, but why is your post dated December 30, 2018?

    I had a set of TV trays like those in the picture.

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