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Summer at Martha’s Vineyard, 1950s

It is the wrong season for this picture, but I couldn’t resist since it contains some of my favorite elements—the many kinds of pants and shorts worn in the 1950s and a stark generational contrast between the old and young. … Continue reading

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Turkey Shopping in Boston, 1952

After World War Two, American women began to expand the places where they felt comfortable wearing pants.  For the most part, grocery shopping was not on the fashion advisors’ list of proper places for such casual attire.  However, this perhaps … Continue reading

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Ann Frity and Daughters, 1926

You can really see the family resemblance in this photo of Ann Firty and her three daughters—Bell, Gertrude and Wynn.  All the relevant family information is penciled on the back of this snapshot, as well as the location of Quincy, … Continue reading

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Auto Camping in Dennisport, 1936

This photo by the Farm Security Administration photographer Carl Mydans is part of a series about an auto camp on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Car camping began as a popular vacation option in the 1910s, according to this fascinating article in … Continue reading

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Wrapped in the Flag, Cape Cod 1947

Usually when you hear the phrase “wrapped in the flag,” it is a metaphor for extreme patriotism. This woman took it literally. The great French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson had this to say about his photo: “This woman explained to … Continue reading

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Grandmother King, Hood Rubber, Watertown Massachusetts

This fascinating photo was a lucky find at Flounce Vintage in Los Angeles. The owner thought it was set in a laundry; my guess was a garment factory. Neither of us was right. The key to the mystery was on … Continue reading

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