At the Beach, 1960s

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Are they off on a brief vacation, or is this their retirement home?  Somehow I’m guessing the latter. I don’t think they could have achieved their well-tanned look in the course of a few days.  This is some people’s idea of a retirement paradise—a pool off to the side (I’m guessing by the concrete and lounge chair) with the ocean in the back.

I’ve puzzled a lot over the woman’s outfit.  Is that a bathing suit with a skirt?  A skirt over a bathing suit? Or a low cut tank top worn over some kind of skirt/short combo?  What do you think?

But the best part of the woman’s outfit, in my view, is the bathing cap.  Yes, I think it is a cap and not her hair! Read about caps designed to mimic hair on the wonderful Vintage Traveler blog.

Fashion Clothing from the Sears Catalog, Mid 1960s

The sixties were an era of wild swim caps, and she chose one that matched her summer outfit. Maybe the pool rules required it, or perhaps she wanted to keep her hair set for a festive evening.  I imagine her as one of those swimmers who kept their heads well out of the water.

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  1. Bob Moeller says:

    They look like they could use some sunscreen.

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