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Medicalizing Menopause in the 1930s and 1940s

Is menopause a medical condition that needs to be cured? That was certainly the message conveyed in a series of ads from Parke, Davis & Co. published in mainstream publications from the late 1930s through the 1940s. Just a bit … Continue reading

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Book Review—This Chair Rocks; A Manifesto against Ageism by Ashton Applewhite

After reading many books about aging, I thought I had narrowed them down to two basic stories: “aging is sad” versus “aging is glorious.”  This Chair Rocks by Ashton Applewhite is something different.  Her basic message is that aging is … Continue reading

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The Hip Shelf

I’m guessing the photographer, Marjorie Collins, chose this particular composition for the contrast in textiles.  Or maybe it was for evidence of just what women were willing to take off on a hot day—with shoes, stockings and jackets strewn in … Continue reading

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Wrinkle Positivity

Recently I have been following the “body positivity” movement on blogs and Instagram.  Women who are larger than those depicted in the main stream media (i.e. most of us) are demanding that they be recognized not only as normal, but … Continue reading

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Split Vision on Aging in the New York Times

Last week, the New York Times offered two starkly opposing visions of aging in America.  The optimistic one, which appeared in the “Style” section, celebrated well off older women who had the resources to take excellent care of themselves.  Called … Continue reading

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