Covid Coiffure Complete

Well, it’s done. All the red in my hair is gone. Now it’s a color that I don’t recognize at all–a kind of steely gray with just a hint of brown. Those lighter shades you see are a lighter gray.

I must admit that I still have a hard time recognizing myself in the mirror. Once I get used to my new look, I’ll post a new profile picture. The color is much lighter in front.

So far, I’ve been wielding my own scissors. How long will it be until I go back for a professional cut?

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7 Responses to Covid Coiffure Complete

  1. Susan says:

    Nice work with the scissors — especially on the back where you can’t really see what you’re doing. When I went fro auburn to white I found that I could wear some colors I hadn’t considered in years. On the other hand, some favorites no longer made sense…. Do take pictures so you can decide later which look is “you.”

  2. Rhoda K says:

    Very nice. I look forward to future photos of the new you. I stopped coloring my hair after I retired and had a bout of chemo for breast cancer. When my hair came back in, it was mostly gray so I decided that’s it, no more. I do miss my dark hair but, especially now, it’s so much easier. I’m on my way to 80 in November, so I don’t think it makes much difference anymore 😉 Good luck.

  3. eimear says:

    Like Susan mentioned above – your wardrobe choices may change, and I know some colours that I used like, no longer work. and similarly to Rhoda, I miss my dark hair, but on the other hand there is no way I would go back to dying it as the texture of my natural hair is so much nicer. You have lovely texture to your hair and you are fortunate it is so thick – best of luck (I can promise you will not miss the having to touch up roots!)

  4. Katrina B says:

    I like your color and I’m so impressed at your ability to wield scissors behind your head! I literally lose all perspective when I try to work with a mirror. I’m thankful that I decided to grow out my color several years ago, so I’m not going through the unplanned transition that so many people are doing now. I was actually quite disappointed with my color, since I could see that the front was completely grey and I was looking forward to a fully grey head, but when it all grew out I still had mostly brown on the sides and back. Well I suppose someday it will finally all turn.

  5. Lizzie says:

    I love the little light touches! Are you going to leave it, or return to the red?

    I still startle myself occasionally when I look in the mirror and see all that white hair!

  6. JS says:

    It looks nice. I’m envious because I could never cut my hair. If you don’t like the color, you can always dye it or get it dyed.

  7. Bob Moeller says:

    I vote for owning the gray, but you know that already.

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