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The Hip Shelf and the Older Woman, 1948

“Great Lakes—David and Mother, 1948” is written in faint ink on the front of this photo.  It evokes a lot of questions.  Why was it taken from the back? Had David been in the Navy during the war, or did … Continue reading

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Stella Reichman–Advocate for Bigger (and Older) Women

“Big is beautiful,” is the motto behind Stella Reichman’s 1977 book, Great Big Beautiful Doll: Everything for the Body and Soul of the Larger Woman. In her late fifties when the book was published, she also advocates for older women.  … Continue reading

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The Hip Shelf

I’m guessing the photographer, Marjorie Collins, chose this particular composition for the contrast in textiles.  Or maybe it was for evidence of just what women were willing to take off on a hot day—with shoes, stockings and jackets strewn in … Continue reading

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Two Body Types for Older Women

Judging by the one young man and the glimpses of cars and architecture in the background, I am guessing that this photo was taken sometime the mid sixties. This flea market find was most likely a press photo for a … Continue reading

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Checkered Past, 1982

Native New Yorker Helen Levitt (1913-2009) made her reputation by capturing candid moments on the streets of her city. Today she is regarded as one of the forerunners of modern street photography. Take a look at the large collection of … Continue reading

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The Menopot—a Record in Pictures

After menopause, women tend to gain weight around their middle. Pamela Peeke, a doctor specializing in diet and health, has given this phenomenon a clever name—the “menopot.” It comes about because sinking estrogen levels relocate fat from the hips and … Continue reading

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Can We Talk About Bodies?

Since several fashion lines have chosen older women as their public face, the most recent being Joan Didion for Céline, some fashion writers have decided that it’s finally hip to be old. That’s why I appreciated yesterday’s New York Times … Continue reading

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