Of Politics and Women’s Shoes

Photo by Drew Angerer of Getty Images, via Politico

I was hoping that the end of the Melania fashion era might bring an end to sky high heels, but no such luck.  While Kamala Harris wears Converse sneakers on her casual days, when dressed up she’s in heels.  During the recent inauguration, I kept track of the women wearing vaguely comfortable shoes.  Only Laura Bush and Janet Yellen bucked the high heel trend. 

It doesn’t appear to have much to do with age.  Nancy Pelosi, 80, is noted for her wardrobe of matching high heeled shoes.  Jill Biden, 69, wears them to all political events. If we believe current fashion writing, most American women are turning to more comfortable footwear.  Why don’t women politicians follow suit?

In the photo above, the swearing in ceremony of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary, it is easy to write off Yellen as an old lady protecting her feet with her flat shoes.  To me, though, it looks like Harris is the odd one out, with her slim heels on an uneven surface.  I wanted to grab her elbow to make sure she didn’t trip. 

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5 Responses to Of Politics and Women’s Shoes

  1. Robert Moeller says:

    Vice President Harris seems to run the risk of no arch support (Converse) or Morton’s neuroma (pinched toes).

  2. susan says:

    Statistically, the taller candidate for president usually wins. Especially during debates, I assumed VP Harris ( height 5′ 2″ or 5 ‘3″) was wearing high heels so she would not look small in comparison to the men: a prudent choice. On the other hand (or foot) coming down that long flight of stairs without falling was also important….

  3. JS says:

    I hate super high heels. They’re uncomfortable, potentially dangerous, and unhealthy. It’s also possible to make attractive low-heeled shoes. I wish prominent women in the spotlight would take the opportunity to show the world that there are other choices. I expect to keep waiting.

  4. Lizzie says:

    It’s interesting how she is so associated with Converse, and yet, there she is in shoes that are toe killers. Perhaps I am more aware, having suffered through broken toes last summer and fall.

  5. Nann says:

    In The Lost Art of Dress Linda Przybyszewski wrote that if you can’t walk two blocks comfortably in your shoes then they’re not shoes, they’re sculptures for your feet. I side with Janet Yellen. And I think VP Harris (and Nancy Pelosi, for that matter) should use their bully pulpits to promote sensibly-heeled pumps — vintage Ferragamo (with or without the bow/ribbon) come to mind.

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