Those 1920s Shoes

shoes29Since I’ve been looking at fashion from the 1920s recently, I was reminded of this photo that I posted very early on my blog—I don’t think even my mother was reading then. It featured one of the first vintage photos I discovered in a thrift store in San Francisco. The ragged edges show that it has been ripped from a photo album, a sad but common feature of many thrift store photos.

These three women look so much alike that they have to be sisters—maybe even triplets! Their hairstyles, glasses, and v-neck dropped waist dresses contribute to the similarity of their looks. They have similar body shapes as well, unfortunately illustrating that few older women looked their best in this cut of dress.

But direct your gaze to their shoes, where the differences emerge. The sister in the middle, in a light colored dress, wears a simple Mary Jane style. The woman on the right is all in white, including white stockings. She wears white shoes with narrow straps decorated with a bow. The sister on the left is my favorite and looks to be the one most interested in fashion. Her polka dot dress has a fabulous two toned asymmetrical collar, picking up on the trim at her cuffs and hem. And feast your eyes on those glorious strappy shoes!

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