What to Wear in a Pandemic

Doug Mills, New York Times, March 17

This is not a post about politics, but let’s get the details out of the way.  My husband is a news junkie, tuning into Trump’s daily news conferences lately.  As a valued scout for my blog, it didn’t take him long to spot an always well-dressed older woman in the sea of suits.  In short order, I discovered that she is Dr. Deborah Birx, former ambassador for the AIDs epidemic under Obama.  Pence hired her for his pandemic team, which made me feel a little better about his judgment.

Evan Vucci, Associated Press, March 18

But since this blog is about clothes, let’s turn to the main issue.  Birx is in her early sixties and obviously likes scarves.  Does she feel bad about her neck? Or does she appreciate the color scarves add to her outfits?  I’m a scarf woman myself and I have admired some pieces from her collection.

Evan Vucci, Associated Press, March 16

Since jackets are my greatest love, Birx caught my eye on Monday as I was walking by the TV. She was wearing an elegant high collared Eileen-Fisher-looking jacket in gray.  I love the cut, but I don’t think this is her best color.

NBC News, March 19

Apparently she doesn’t agree with me, though. Here she is on March 19 combining a somewhat militaristic looking gray jacket with a signature scarf.

Carolyn Kaster, Associated Press, March 10

This brocade jacket works better for her coloring in my view. But wouldn’t a skilled seamstress have done a better job of working with the pattern?

Clearly Birx cares a lot more about clothes than your average government bureaucrat.  But I also like to think that she is dressing to cheer us up.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been giving outfit planning my full attention.  Maybe I should change my ways. Beautiful, comfortable clothes are known to lift your mood.

So keep it up, Dr. Birx.  But could you please stand a little further away from those guys?

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3 Responses to What to Wear in a Pandemic

  1. Rhoda K says:

    Hubby commented on D. Birx’s scarves today and I find them a nice accessory. I’m not a scarf person myself, too warm for me, but I like the look.

  2. JS says:

    I believe I saw Dr. Birx during her first appearance with Trump. She was unimpressive, enabling his lies like everyone else standing beside him except Dr. Fauci.

    While I realize that her manner of dress is more distinctive than that of the men, who wear fairly nondescript suits, I’m not sure how I feel about analyzing her wardrobe instead of her statements.

    • JS says:


      Dr. Birx is an embarrassment. Trump tells the public they can cure COVID-19 by injecting themselves with disinfectant while she just sits there.

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