Faith Ringgold–Artist Chic

Have you heard the term “art teacher chic”? Well, what about an actual artist? Take a look at this photo of multi-talented Faith Ringgold—painter, quilter, children’s book author and illustrator, writer (and I’m sure the list goes on.)  Her talent and joy in life is reflected in everything she wears.

I first got to know Ringgold as a children’s book author through her wonderful Tar Beach, which I read to my daughter. A few years ago, I discovered that her mother, Wiley Posey, was a noted Harlem clothing designer. Ringgold played an important role in her mother’s career; Madame Posey returned the favor by helping her daughter in her quilting projects.

Faith Ringgold has recently been honored with a number of exhibitions around the world.  Tracking down the press coverage, I noticed that she has a definite style formula: bold color, bold texture, and bold jewelry. 

Here’s a style icon for some of us—in the more is more school…but not too much more.  I’m not bold enough to try the whole look, but I’m inspired by the color and texture.  How about you?

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3 Responses to Faith Ringgold–Artist Chic

  1. Nann says:

    Five years ago this month Faith Ringgold was honored at the AAUW National Convention in San Diego. One of the AAUW staff wanted to introduce me to her — “She’s a quilter!” All I could think of was, “She got the Caldecott Medal for Tar Beach!” ….sometimes my Librarian persona dominates the Quilter persona. But I did meet her in person and I have a photo to prove it.

  2. Bob Moeller says:

    More is more is just right.

  3. JS says:

    Just as with Iris Apfel, this is not my style, but I appreciate that you wrote about it.

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