Betty Ford in Pants, 1977

You can guess by this photo that Betty Ford, First Lady of the US from 1974 to 1977, was a former dancer for Martha Graham.  Apparently it was her idea to dance on the Cabinet Room table on the last day she spent in the White House.  The photo documents her independent spirit.  At a time when reproductive rights and women’s rights were hot political topics, Betty Ford bucked her party’s advice and stood with Democrats on these issues, as you can see from this post here.  Since she reportedly disliked being First Lady, this might be something of a liberation dance.

Through the wonder of the internet, you can discover something about Betty Ford’s fashion philosophy from records at the Gerald Ford Presidential Library.  She favored American designers and loved clothes that were easy to take care of.  In fact, this velveteen or velour pantsuit might just be wash and wear.  Isn’t it a fabulous upgrade from the velour tracksuits so popular at the airport?  She was ready to travel out of White House in style. 

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2 Responses to Betty Ford in Pants, 1977

  1. JS says:

    It’s nice to see this version of Betty Ford. I was a teenager when she was First Lady and I only knew her as Middle-Aged, Substance-Challenged Betty Ford. This pantsuit is a smart outfit for a woman of her age and tastes.

  2. Robert Moeller says:

    Good thing she was ready to travel given the brevity of her husband’s term in office.

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