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Mrs. Exeter in the Vogue Pattern Catalog

The stylish Mrs. Exeter never had her own pattern line—more’s the pity, I say.  But for older women who wanted a quick reference guide to patterns that might flatter their figures, Vogue pattern catalogs started to include a “Mrs. Exeter” … Continue reading

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Mrs. Exeter in Sews with Vogue Patterns

Since I am interested in all things Mrs. Exeter, I recently contacted Vogue Patterns for permission to track her down in their collection of pattern magazines and catalogs.  Editor Gillian Conahan was nothing but gracious, and I got to spend … Continue reading

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Proper Clothing for the Older Woman Who Plays Golf, 1949

The post World War Two years might have been a Golden Era for the older woman of fashion. Both of America’s foremost fashion magazines, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, turned their attention to this potentially lucrative market. In 1948, Vogue introduced … Continue reading

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The Chemise and the Older Woman

We tend to think of fashion in terms of decades, but this is only a rough convenience. After all, the square shoulders of the forties ended with the New Look of 1947. And a decade later, the nipped waists of … Continue reading

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Mrs. Exeter’s Wardrobe for Summer and Fall, 1962

Mrs. Exeter, Vogue’s fictional role model for the older woman, lived longer in the sewing world than in the fashion world. She made her last Vogue appearance in the May 1, 1962 issue, but she continued to offer advice for … Continue reading

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Jessica Daves and Mrs. Exeter

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know my fascination with Mrs. Exeter, Vogue magazine’s style icon for the older set. I long to know who thought up this funny and influential character. Since … Continue reading

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Drawing Mrs. Exeter

Here is my favorite research method of all time–go into a library and wander around stacks of books on a topic of interest. Open many books and thumb through them until something strikes my fancy. That is how I discovered … Continue reading

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Mrs. Exeter Sews Again

In 1961, Mrs. Exeter was fading from the pages Vogue magazine, where she had first been introduced in 1948. She only appeared three times that year, once to explain why she needed two long evening dresses, once to show off … Continue reading

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Mrs. Exeter’s British Cousin

Mrs. Exeter was born on the pages of American Vogue in June 1948. A few months later, in March 1949, a parallel older lady appeared in British Vogue. The British Mrs. Exeter seems to have had a wider cultural resonance … Continue reading

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Half Sizes, Part 3–The Martha Manning Brand

Although I don’t yet know when or how half sizes were invented, by the 1940s there were a number of clothing lines devoted to the older, shorter, wider woman. One of the best known was Martha Manning, a clothing company … Continue reading

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