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Minnesota Reunion, 1921

How I love people who annotate their photographs!  This one shows a family reunion in Nevis, Minnesota, in the northern part of the state. There is a long list of names on the back, including the Hayworths, Babbs, Ballards, Smiths, … Continue reading

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Five Generations in the Valley Times

Have you discovered The Library Book by Susan Orlean?  Ostensibly about the Los Angeles Public Library, it is a love letter to libraries and librarians everywhere.  One section of the book reminded me that the LA library held digitized photos … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Protests

When you search for images of Mother’s Day on line, you expect to find sweet pictures of family meals, flowers, and breakfast in bed.  However, I was surprised to discover that protests are an important subgenre. On this special day, … Continue reading

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A Chinese Women’s Club Celebration, 1951

These Chinese-American women are celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival according to the Los Angeles Times. If you look carefully (or go to the original site and enlarge the photo) you can see a dragon boat center piece on the table. … Continue reading

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Easter Hat Competition, 1976

With her stunning creation, including both bunnies and chickens, one wonders why this woman was only a semi-finalist in the Philadelphia Easter hat competition.  The photo of Mrs. Ann Jackson, age eighty three, appeared in the Philadelphia Evening Standard in … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day in Stockton, California

When I searched for International Women’s Day on the Digital Public Library site, I found mainly images from abroad.  Even though the holiday began in the United States, historically it has not received that much coverage here (although Google is … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve, 1964

As I’ve said many times, I love New Year’s Eve.  For me, it has the lowest stress factor for a holiday.  There are no presents to worry about and no special food traditions to comply with or ignore (in my … Continue reading

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Delila’s Christmas, 1957

Doesn’t this image of a very cheerful, single, older woman call out for a story?  Maybe Delila Pinegar was recently divorced and had just bought a new car with her settlement money.  Perhaps she was marking a successful year at … Continue reading

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A Gift for my Grandmother, 1965

Not long ago, a friend gave me a 1965 Ward’s Christmas catalog that had belonged to her mother.  It is a slim book compared to the usual twice yearly weighty volumes, and of course children’s items far outweigh the offerings … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Feast, 1947

The star of this photo is the African American chef in the background, Carson Gulley.  He was something of a celebrity at the University of Wisconsin and went on to write cookbooks and host a radio cooking show. But lets … Continue reading

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