An Old Woman Meets the President, 1976

Found photo

I’m glad that I didn’t pay a lot of money on eBay for this photo, which was listed as “artist Grandma Moses and President Ford.”  Just a minute’s research after it arrived revealed that the famous artist had been dead for fifteen years in 1976.  That will teach me…

But famous artist or not, I think this old woman has done a good job of dressing up for a special event.  She wears a Chanel-inspired suit in what looks like a knit fabric, stretching over her widow’s hump in the back.  The trim adds visual interest.  The shoes, while sensible, also look dressy enough for the occasion.  Is she wearing knotted pearls around her neck, or is the trim continued on a blouse?

None of my research skills revealed just who the lucky recipient of some sort of award is.  Maybe you will have better luck.

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4 Responses to An Old Woman Meets the President, 1976

  1. Judith says:

    Looks like the official photographer goofed – professionals don’t normally include the “stand here” tape markers on the floor. Or maybe this was just a preliminary proof shot.

    It’s also interesting that staff did not help the honoree with her hair. Or maybe she didn’t let them. “Oh, leave it alone, dearie. The President can just take me as he finds me.”

  2. Pal says:

    Hungarian born Paul Gyorgy (1893-March 1, 1976 Morristown NJ) received the 1975 National Medal of Science from President Gerald Ford for his “discovery of three vitamins [the B vitamins] and related research that have greatly improved human nutrition. It was presented posthumously to his widow, Margaret, October 18, 1976.

  3. Laura says:

    The secret service man in the back, with the fierce mustache, is cracking me up! Very Burt Reynolds!

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