Dorothy Brett, True to her Style

Taos New Mexico might seem an unusual habitat for an English aristocrat, but the painter Dorothy Brett (1883-1977) was part of a wave of remarkable women who make it their home in the early twentieth century.  She counted Georgie O’Keeffe among her friends and initially made her home at Mabel Dodge Luhan’s guest house when she arrived in 1923.  She became an American citizen and remained in Taos until her death.

Like many who came to Taos, she was fascinated by the life and customs of Native Americans.  They became the central theme of most of her life’s work. 

In the photo above, taken when she was 83, you can Native American inspirations in her dress, like the belt that she wears over an artist’s smock and the boot style moccasins on her feet.

Like many of us, Brett’s body shape changed as she aged.  However elements of her style remained the same.  You can see this in the portrait of the young Brett above, with her loose shirt, pants, and boots.  When you find something you love, why not keep it?

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