Big Hair at the Grand Canyon, 1972

Found photo

That’s a pretty elaborate hairdo for a vacation outing, but some people put in a lot of effort to look good no matter what the occasion.  This very cheerful woman was not following current hairstyles, which had moved on to the long and loose or the short and sculpted.  But she had found a look she liked and was sticking to it. 

Her clothes are more current.  It looks like she is wearing polyester pants. More seventies polyester of the stiff, indestructible variety!  The pants are now probably sitting in a land fill somewhere, never to decompose.  Vests were also in style in the early seventies.  Hers has a very subtle plaid.  After wondering what on earth she was holding (a small animal?) I figured out that it was actually her purse with the bottom showing. 

I imagine this is a happy retired couple checking must-see locations off their bucket list. Who is taking the photo?  Maybe one of their children.

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2 Responses to Big Hair at the Grand Canyon, 1972

  1. Eimear says:

    Love this photo….she looks very comfortable in her own skin….and full of joy….its the same and yet so different to a Instagram post!

  2. Nann says:

    So chic! So unwrinkled! (I think those are her husband’s hands around her waist.)

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