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Migrant Grandmother, 1938

Dorothea Lange’s most famous photo is of the migrant mother, a young Oklahoma woman and her children in a farm laborer camp in California.  The migrant mother has become the iconic expression of hardship during the Great Depression.  But it … Continue reading

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Halloween in Covina, 1979

It’s not as hard to find pictures of older women in Halloween costumes as you might think. Of course they are not on the streets trick-or-treating; instead, look for them at Halloween parties. The Los Angeles Public Library provides a … Continue reading

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Irene Salce de Urbina, 1986

Born in Mexico in 1908, Irene Salce de Urbina moved to Texas in the 1940s with her husband and seven children. She became a US citizen in 1963. Her husband, a minister in the Mexican Baptist Church, died in 1967. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Party at the Beautee-Fit Company, 1947

What a diverse group of women employees at the Beautee-Fit Company in Los Angeles. Most look to be Asian or Mexican American, with a few Anglos here and there. I wonder if some of the Asians were Japanese Americans just … Continue reading

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Woman With a Shawl, 1900s

Thanks to all of you who tried to guess the mysterious context of the last photograph I posted. I’ve contacted the seller to see if she has more information, but so far I haven’t heard back.  Carol in Denver’s idea … Continue reading

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The Veyna Family, 1930

This portrait of the Veyna family of Anaheim comes from Calisphere.  It depicts a special family occasion, but what exactly?  Since the older woman in the middle, Julia Veyna, holds a bouquet, perhaps it is her birthday.  Or maybe it … Continue reading

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Mexican American Los Angeles, 1928

When you look at fashion magazines and most old photographs from the 1920s, it seems as if all women abandoned their old clothes and adopted the new silhouette of the era—a chemise style dress that fell straight from the shoulders. … Continue reading

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Across the Generations, 1979

In family photos that span the generations you can often see how people hold on to styles in which they feel comfortable, regardless of current trends. In this photograph of a Mexican American family in Corona, California, the three older … Continue reading

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