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A Late Sixties Wedding

A sixties wedding!  The puzzle is to figure out who is marrying whom. The tall couple on the right might be the best choice, since the woman’s tiara is the biggest.  Would that make the shorter couple in the middle … Continue reading

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Fashion Commentary from Life Magazine, 1970

Women often get ridiculed for following fashion trends, even though lowly consumers are hardly the ones who think them up.  In 1970, pretty much everyone was confused.  It was the time of the great “maxi” versus “mini” confrontation, and even … Continue reading

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At Busch Gardens, 1926

There have been many Busch Gardens in the United States, but I was surprised to learn that the original one was in Pasadena, California. It was located on the grounds of the winter home of Aldophus Busch, who owned the … Continue reading

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Three Generations, 1920s

Three generation photos are some of my very favorites because they offer a chance to see how different age groups interpreted, or ignored, current styles. This might be a grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, although the faces are quite fuzzy. Judging … Continue reading

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The Midi and the Older Woman

The cover story for the August 21, 1970 issue of Life, “The Midi Muscles In,” relates the controversy over the introduction of the midi skirt, a below-the-knee-cousin to the down-to-the-floor maxi skirt. Backed by designers and big department stores, the … Continue reading

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