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A Sewing Vacation at sewBoise

My sister and I are sewing and textile enthusiasts. Since we also like to travel together, we use our trips to increase our fabric collections and gain new sewing skills. About a year and half ago at a class taught … Continue reading

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Are You a Natural Fiber Snob?

Recently I’ve been logging the contents of my fabric stash into a new i-phone app called Cora.  It takes some time because you need to measure each piece and fill out a list of questions. I now know that of … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg

Back in the days when I wore dresses, I didn’t find the wrap dress very practical. When I wore it, the style was given to constant wardrobe malfunctions both on the top and the bottom. Since Diane von Furstenberg’s career … Continue reading

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A Look Inside my Closet

I don’t participate in the social media phenomenon called “Me Made May,” where sewers from around the world show off their homemade clothes.  Since I sew most of what I wear, I figure there’s nothing special about May for me. … Continue reading

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Oscar de la Renta and the Older Woman

The Oscar de la Renta fashion exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco has one unusual element: perhaps half of the clothes on display came from the collections of contemporary women.  A good portion of these were red … Continue reading

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The Sheath versus the Shirtwaist in the 1960s

Unless fashion doesn’t interest you at all, you must have noticed that the shirtwaist dress—now often called a shirt dress—is back in style. I have an irrational dislike for this  beloved classic of American design, which has always seemed dowdy … Continue reading

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Donna Karan in the Black

I’ve never bought anything by American designer Donna Karan—her clothes are far above my price range.  But after reading her new autobiography, My Journey, I think I might have been influenced by her approach to clothing. In the late eighties, … Continue reading

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Gloria Steinem–Feminist Icon, Style Icon

I may be one of the only people who read Gloria Steinem’s new memoir, My Life on the Road, for the clothes. But unlike many early second wave feminists, Steinem is clearly a woman who takes great pleasure in what … Continue reading

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Koko Beall—A Life in Fashion Design

When I wrote about a favorite Vogue Pattern designer Koko Beall in 2014, I didn’t know whether or not she was still alive. Through the magic of the internet, her daughter Victoria Beall found my post. She sent the happy … Continue reading

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Call Me Seamstress

People who love to sew seem to have trouble deciding what to call themselves. Many home-based craftspeople use “sewer,” but that sounds better than it looks. The written version conjures up images of subterranean piping systems. Creators of art-to-wear and … Continue reading

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