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Friends in Los Angeles, October 1964

Maybe you don’t dress this way in your garden in October. In Los Angeles, however, the month can be very hot, with strong winds coming in from the desert. This snapshot gives names–Katherine, Ina, Della, and Flo–but no ages. The … Continue reading

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Portrait with Chair, ca. 1910

This dignified portrait of an older African American woman comes from the studio of the photographer Michael Francis Blake in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the records at Duke University, most of his customers were black.  The studio was apparently … Continue reading

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The Panama-Pacific Exhibition, Part Two: The Shirtwaist

  While some women dressed for the Panama Exhibit as if going to a party, others chose everyday wear. To the left of the fancy matrons in the middle of the photo are three older women wearing shirtwaist and skirt … Continue reading

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Pearls at the Picnic, 1960

Well, here’s a reminder of how casual dress has changed.  I’m guessing that this 1960 photo is of some kind of club or church summer picnic.  All the women, middle aged and older, have shown up in summer dresses that … Continue reading

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The Sheath and the Shirtwaist, 1965

The photographer did these two women no favors by capturing them from the bottom up.  They are obviously related, but I wonder how. Judging by the clothes, the woman on the right might be the daughter. Looking at their faces, … Continue reading

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The Sheath versus the Shirtwaist in the 1960s

Unless fashion doesn’t interest you at all, you must have noticed that the shirtwaist dress—now often called a shirt dress—is back in style. I have an irrational dislike for this  beloved classic of American design, which has always seemed dowdy … Continue reading

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Three Women at Mount Rushmore, 1953

This photo comes from my father’s side of the family.  In the middle is my paternal grandmother, Helen; on the left is her sister, my great aunt Norah; the woman on the right is a mystery.  Helen and Norah lived … Continue reading

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A Photo Postcard Pair, 1900s

This studio portrait was printed on postcard stock, a popular method in the early 1900s. The clothes are from that era as well. The mother/aunt/grandmother here wears what we might call the uniform of adult American women at the turn … Continue reading

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Woman in a Shirtwaist Dress, 1967

The shirtwaist dress, one that buttons in the front from the collar to the waist seam and sometimes beyond, is a popular American style that keeps going in and out of fashion. One period where it definitely wasn’t on the … Continue reading

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Grandmother King, Hood Rubber, Watertown Massachusetts

This fascinating photo was a lucky find at Flounce Vintage in Los Angeles. The owner thought it was set in a laundry; my guess was a garment factory. Neither of us was right. The key to the mystery was on … Continue reading

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