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A Feminine Tragedy and its Cure

Advertisements directed to women fall into two large schools. There are the dreams–buy this and your life will be wonderful. And then there are the warnings–if you don’t buy this your life will be filled with despair. This particular ad … Continue reading

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Corset Makers’ Strike, 1937

What a fabulous idea for a strike—go out wearing what you make.  Of course, this would hardly work in every profession, but it makes a strong statement for these corset makers in the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU). Unfortunately … Continue reading

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The Dowager Corset, 1900

If you had a product intended for older women, what would you call it?  These days it might include the words “ageless” or “forever young,” but in 1900 “dowager” was apparently considered a good idea.  What is a dowager anyway? … Continue reading

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The New Look and the New Waist Line

The November 1947 issue of Harper’s Bazaar was all about the New Look, that big style shift from the shorter, boxier silhouette of the World War Two era. It is the first time I really grasped the role of fashion … Continue reading

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A Christmas Party at the Beautee-Fit Company, 1947

What a diverse group of women employees at the Beautee-Fit Company in Los Angeles. Most look to be Asian or Mexican American, with a few Anglos here and there. I wonder if some of the Asians were Japanese Americans just … Continue reading

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