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At the Breakers Bath House, ca. 1906

This photo postcard has a 1900s look about it, but historical events allow me to date it more precisely.  According to printed information on the back, it was taken at a photo studio at the Breakers Bath House in Galveston, … Continue reading

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Pajama Party

Two of my favorite blogs, The Vintage Traveler and Witness2fashion, have been investigating the pajama craze in the 1920s recently. I thought it would be interesting to examine the record in the world of down market catalogs The fashion forward woman … Continue reading

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Pants for Women in Montgomery Ward Catalogs, 1907-1924

When did Montgomery Ward begin offering pants designed for women?  The first mention I found (and I could have easily missed some) had to do with horseback riding.  In 1907, you could buy a custom made divided skirt “for cross … Continue reading

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Myrtle Bell Moten and Friends, 1929

I didn’t want to let black history month slip by without a post.  These women aren’t old, but I liked their outfits so much I wanted to include them.  The snapshot comes from the collection of the Moten family, prosperous … Continue reading

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Frances Willard Rides a Bike, 1894

As a retired academic and woman of a certain age, Google is not my first choice for historical research. When I was looking for images of older women on bicycles recently, I turned to my preferred archival and library sites … Continue reading

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At the Trailer Park, 1948

“Mother 1948 with Susie Cat at Hooker Oaks Trailer Park,” it reads in a shaky hand on the back of this photo.  Although I was unable to find a location with that precise name, there was a Shady Oaks campsite … Continue reading

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Proper Clothing for the Older Woman Who Plays Golf, 1949

The post World War Two years might have been a Golden Era for the older woman of fashion. Both of America’s foremost fashion magazines, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, turned their attention to this potentially lucrative market. In 1948, Vogue introduced … Continue reading

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Ella at the Summer House, 1955

Some of us throw all of our family photos into a drawer and forget to label them (or whatever the digital equivalent would be.)  Others scribble down basic information, often illegibly.  It is the truly rare individual who offers as … Continue reading

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At the Pool, 1961

It’s not easy to find pictures of older women in swimsuits. While the women depicted front and center in these photos might not yet be fifty, they certainly qualify as no longer young. Just where are they? The second shot … Continue reading

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Hijinks at the Bowling Alley, 1950s

Although their silly outfits don’t advertise the location, these women’s shoes and the flooring they stand on indicate that the photo was taken at a bowling alley.  Because of their costumes, it wasn’t easy to date the picture. But the … Continue reading

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