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Church Sunday, August 1969

It looks like these four have just come out of church services.  Their different styles show how younger and older women adapted to the big fashion shifts of this decade. Even though her hair is still brown, I’m guessing that … Continue reading

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Separates and the Older Woman

Behold an oldsters’ gathering in Tracy California sometime in the 1950s.  The city is east of San Francisco, part of California’s agricultural core.  The summers there are very hot. Judging by the clothes I’d say that the photo was taken … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather

For those of you who complain that people today all dress alike, I offer this World War Two era photo as proof that the past might not have been all that different.  The men show some individuality—one in a jacket, … Continue reading

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What to Wear on an Airplane, 1957

These women from Kern County, part of California’s agricultural heartland, are dressed up for a trip to Hawaii.  According to Calisphere, they were part of a delegation from the Kern County business women’s organization.  Look at their clothes!  Not only … Continue reading

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Slim and Full Dresses in the Sears Catalog, 1965

The 1960s saw many fashion battles—pants, pantsuits, miniskirts, etc.  But when I was growing up at the time, I thought the biggest showdown was between the sheath dress (modern) and the shirtwaist (not).  Imagine my surprise to see versions of … Continue reading

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Rookwoods, 1907

Sometimes you find astonishing information on the back of old snapshots.  This one turned out to be a treasure.  It reads: “1907–Miss Helen Culver and Miss French at their home Rookwoods, Lake Forest, Ill.  Back entrance.”  Imagine my delight when … Continue reading

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Five Generations in the Valley Times

Have you discovered The Library Book by Susan Orlean?  Ostensibly about the Los Angeles Public Library, it is a love letter to libraries and librarians everywhere.  One section of the book reminded me that the LA library held digitized photos … Continue reading

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Portrait with Donkey, 1957

Is it a political statement? A farm visit? A portrait with a favorite pet?  There are no clues on the back of this photo, given to me by Lizzie Bramlett of The Vintage Traveler.  On the front is the printed … Continue reading

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Friends in Los Angeles, October 1964

Maybe you don’t dress this way in your garden in October. In Los Angeles, however, the month can be very hot, with strong winds coming in from the desert. This snapshot gives names–Katherine, Ina, Della, and Flo–but no ages. The … Continue reading

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Portrait with Chair, ca. 1910

This dignified portrait of an older African American woman comes from the studio of the photographer Michael Francis Blake in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the records at Duke University, most of his customers were black.  The studio was apparently … Continue reading

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