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The Olive Cycle

Although I have vowed to stop buying books, I couldn’t pass up Elizabeth Strout’s the new novel about Olive Kitteridge. I read it in a flash and then decided to read the two books–Olive Kitteridge and Olive Again–one after another.  … Continue reading

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A Skirt with Fur Trim, mid 1910s

Here’s an elegant update to a classic style. This older woman wears all the components of the classic shirtwaist look–a white blouse and a dark skirt–that had been an American fashion standard for years. However, the fur trim added to … Continue reading

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Gloria Swanson, Dress Designer

In the 1950s, famous actress Gloria Swanson became involved in the dress business.  It’s not as strange as it sounds, since Swanson had designed some of her own costumes for films and even won a Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in … Continue reading

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Building a Better House Dress

If you have spent any time bemoaning the fact that ordinary clothes don’t fit older women’s bodies, you are not alone.  I have found complaints stretching back to 1900, the start date of my research, and I am sure that … Continue reading

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A Lover of Stripes

If you sew, you know that you can do a lot with stripes.  They can go every which way, making all kinds of interesting patterns.  I’m not sure that the dress on the left is homemade, but the wearer is … Continue reading

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The Hip Shelf

I’m guessing the photographer, Marjorie Collins, chose this particular composition for the contrast in textiles.  Or maybe it was for evidence of just what women were willing to take off on a hot day—with shoes, stockings and jackets strewn in … Continue reading

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Vogue Patterns and Half Sizes

Vogue Patterns came late to the half size dress business.  I’ve found offerings from McCall’s, Simplicity, and Butterick from the early fifties, but Vogue only decided to take this step at the beginning of 1960. Moreover, it was a very … Continue reading

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“Pants People—All of Us,” 1971

This 1971 booklet from Vogue Patterns was a lucky eBay find.  “The ‘70s see them [pants] as a mainstay of feminine wardrobes,” reads the peppy opening paragraph, “totally fashion-right everywhere, any time, for any occasion.” (4) This bold statement was … Continue reading

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Eat My Words

You might know my love of Mrs. Exeter, Vogue magazine’s effort to reach out to the older woman in the years after World War Two.  She appeared in many places, including the fashion magazine, the Vogue Pattern Book magazine, and … Continue reading

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Considering the Pinafore

You might have noticed that pinafores are back in style. How many times has this garment been revived in some shape or form?  In 1941, Vogue Patterns brought out not one but two different versions.  The magazine copy for the … Continue reading

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