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Anne Spencer in her Garden

When I began this project about ten years ago, I knew that it was a huge task to attempt to portray the dress of older American women in all their diversity. Although I’ve tried to include older women of color, … Continue reading

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Lilly Daché in Pants, 1945

By the end of World War Two, French Born Lilly Daché had cemented her reputation as one of the premier milliners in the United States.  As she prepared to visit France just after peace had been declared, Life magazine published … Continue reading

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Glamorous Grandmas

Well, it’s not so hard to be a young looking grandmother if you are in fact young. Joan Bennett (1910-1990) was eighteen when she had her first child and all of 39 in the photo above.  This LA Times article … Continue reading

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Suiting Up

This older woman looks quite serious in her uniform, but what organization does she belong to?  I thought at first that the triangle insignia represented a position in civilian defense, but quick research showed that those triangles go the other … Continue reading

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On the Road

When ordinary Americans began buying cars in large numbers, car camping became a popular pastime. The first club devoted to this leisure time activity was formed in 1919.  As we can see above, it was not just for the young.  … Continue reading

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The Roaman’s Catalog, 1971

While working my way through references to half sizes in Women’s Wear Daily, I discovered a new-to-me source of clothing for larger women, Roaman’s. It is an old company, beginning as a store front in Manhattan.  The first ads I … Continue reading

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“Pants People—All of Us,” 1971

This 1971 booklet from Vogue Patterns was a lucky eBay find.  “The ‘70s see them [pants] as a mainstay of feminine wardrobes,” reads the peppy opening paragraph, “totally fashion-right everywhere, any time, for any occasion.” (4) This bold statement was … Continue reading

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Pants in the Seventies, Part Two

Just why did many older American women turn to pants in the 1970s?  Certainly fashion changes had a lot to do with it.  In the sixties, pantsuits became a stylish, although still bold, choice for fashion forward women.  By the … Continue reading

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The Turn to Pants in the 1970s

When did older women take to pants in significant numbers? It isn’t easy to prove.  You can find evidence in photos and in the impressions of people selling clothes.  But perhaps the best way is to ask women themselves.  It … Continue reading

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Arlene Dahl’s War on Pants, 1967

I wonder if Arlene Dahl, film star of the forties and fifties, was ever embarrassed by her anti-feminist manifesto, Always Ask a Man. Written in 1967, in the early years of second wave feminism, it is all about performing for … Continue reading

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