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Two Sisters, Two Styles

A reader from Colorado sent this wonderful photo along with a story, my favorite kind of contribution. Center and right are two sisters, with facial shapes, hair styles and eye glasses looking very much the same.  However, the similarity ends … Continue reading

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Pants in the Seventies, Part Two

Just why did many older American women turn to pants in the 1970s?  Certainly fashion changes had a lot to do with it.  In the sixties, pantsuits became a stylish, although still bold, choice for fashion forward women.  By the … Continue reading

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The Turn to Pants in the 1970s

When did older women take to pants in significant numbers? It isn’t easy to prove.  You can find evidence in photos and in the impressions of people selling clothes.  But perhaps the best way is to ask women themselves.  It … Continue reading

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Ann Person of Stretch & Sew

Every avocation has its celebrities, and Ann Person, the founder of Stretch & Sew, was a star in the world of home sewing in the seventies and eighties. As knit clothing hit the market in a big way, she devised … Continue reading

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