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Lilly Daché in Pants, 1945

By the end of World War Two, French Born Lilly Daché had cemented her reputation as one of the premier milliners in the United States.  As she prepared to visit France just after peace had been declared, Life magazine published … Continue reading

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Turban Style, early 1940s

Turbans became stylish in the mid 1930s, but they really came into their own during World War Two.  I puzzled for a while about when to date this photo, but the wide, structured shoulders made me decide for the forties. … Continue reading

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African American Women’s Club, 1952

What a wealth of different clothing styles in this photograph of mother’s support group for the African American sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.  The woman standing on the far left in the front row looks as if she had no interest … Continue reading

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Road Trip, ca. 1933-1934

My guess for the date of this photo is based entirely on the sleeves.  In 1932, Gilbert Adrian created a gown with exaggerated ruffled sleeves for the film Letty Lyndon.  It created a fashion sensation.  Not only were there exact … Continue reading

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Elsie de Wolfe Recommends…

Perhaps you don’t know the name Elsie de Wolfe (ca 1859-1950).  However, if you like Cole Porter maybe you have heard her other name, Lady Mendl.  In the 1934 song “Anything Goes,” her athletic skills make a brief appearance: “When … Continue reading

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Easter Hat Competition, 1976

With her stunning creation, including both bunnies and chickens, one wonders why this woman was only a semi-finalist in the Philadelphia Easter hat competition.  The photo of Mrs. Ann Jackson, age eighty three, appeared in the Philadelphia Evening Standard in … Continue reading

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Considering the Pinafore

You might have noticed that pinafores are back in style. How many times has this garment been revived in some shape or form?  In 1941, Vogue Patterns brought out not one but two different versions.  The magazine copy for the … Continue reading

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Visiting the New York World’s Fair

The New York Public Library has a huge digital collection of photographs and documents from the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair.  Among the photos, you can find not only the expected ones of striking buildings, but also hundreds of shots … Continue reading

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The Way you Wear your Hat, 1938

If 1930s fashion advisor Margaretta Byers were to come back to life today, I’m sure she would be upset that hats had gone out of style. Her 1938 book, Designing Women: The Art, Technique, and Cost of Being Beautiful, was … Continue reading

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The Ebell Club of Los Angeles, 1927

The Ebell Club of Los Angeles, founded in 1894 and still going strong, was part of a network of women’s institutions devoted to women’s education and philanthropy. As we can see in this photo, the members were mainly the well … Continue reading

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