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The Journey to Internment

Calisphere has a large collection of photos by Dorothea Lange documenting the round up and deportation of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.  The most heart wrenching show individuals and families waiting for transport, many with confused and dazed … Continue reading

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A Chinese Women’s Club Celebration, 1951

These Chinese-American women are celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival according to the Los Angeles Times. If you look carefully (or go to the original site and enlarge the photo) you can see a dragon boat center piece on the table. … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day in Stockton, California

When I searched for International Women’s Day on the Digital Public Library site, I found mainly images from abroad.  Even though the holiday began in the United States, historically it has not received that much coverage here (although Google is … Continue reading

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The Ebell Club of Los Angeles, 1927

The Ebell Club of Los Angeles, founded in 1894 and still going strong, was part of a network of women’s institutions devoted to women’s education and philanthropy. As we can see in this photo, the members were mainly the well … Continue reading

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Slacks and Callouses, a Memoir from World War Two

The subtitle of this wartime memoir, “An account of the experiences of two teachers in an aircraft factory,” tells the story.  Written by San Diego High School English teacher Constance Bowman and illustrated by her Art teacher friend, Clara Marie … Continue reading

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The Sporting Life, 1923

According to fashion historians, women’s participation in sports was perhaps the biggest engine driving the change to ever more casual clothing in the twentieth century.  Serious sportswomen wanted more range of movement than conventional clothing allowed.  Skirts got shorter, fabric … Continue reading

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A Public Service Announcement, 1986

Well, it’s voting day in the US.  Inspired by Two Nerdy History Girls, I decided to take a look at the history of the League of Women Voters.  There’s so much to see on the extensive website for the organization.  … Continue reading

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Older Women and Defense Work during World War Two

For the month of October, I had access to an online version of Women’s Wear Daily—what a treasure trove!  My first priority was to trace the history of half sizes, but my passion for discovering the history of older women … Continue reading

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Gossiping on Geary Street near Union Square, 1947

It pays to have friends who are librarians.  Ever since I started this project on older women and fashion, I’ve had the help and encouragement of Becky Imamoto at the UC Irvine Library.  She’s ordered books and online collections for … Continue reading

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The Ahn Family at the Moongate Restaurant, 1961

This wonderful photo, which comes from the LA Public Library’s “Shades of LA” collection, documents the 77th birthday party of Heyron (Helen) Ahn. While researching this image, I discovered how important the Ahn family was to Korean American and California … Continue reading

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