Hats with Bows, 1948

The Simpson Sisters, 1948. Found photo

The back of this photo says “Simpson Sisters,” and then in another hand gives the date of 1948.  Like many older women, these two happy sisters did not keep up with the latest styles. The one posed in front has on what looks like a coat from the 1930s, with very broad shoulders and a longer length.  The one is back has on the shorter mid 1940s length, just then being superseded by the longer, rounded shoulder New Look. 

They chose different colors and cuts for their clothing, but their shoes and hats are very similar.  On their feet they wear the even popular sensible lace up oxfords.  They also both have on hats with stand up bows.  The twin bows make the hats look the same, but if you look closely you will see that they are not.  The one is back has a bow atop a turned up brim, while her sister sports a simple hat with a small brim.  I wonder if they trimmed the hats themselves, deciding on the similar bows.

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  1. Judith says:

    And again we have the ever-popular, ever-horrifying neck-muskrat (or mink, or ferret, or whatever it is). For the full effect, Ms Simpson should have engaged the underjaw clippy-thingy to create the full critter-lei look.


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