Four Women, Four Styles

Korean American Digital Archive, University of Southern California

This photo is from a large collection collected by the Hur and Hahn families. It features Frances Hur, who I believe is second from right, and a group of friends. Unfortunately, the photos are not as well documented as one would like.  Dates, places, and names are often missing. Let that serve as another reminder to all of us to write down everything we remember about our family photos.

I’m guessing that this snapshot comes from the World War Two era given the skirt lengths and the pants worn by the woman on the left.  What was the occasion?  The three older women on the right are all in dresses, but of different styles.  One wears the ubiquitous shirtwaist, casually accessorized with a sweater.  The next one, perhaps Frances Hur, is more dressed up in a peplum styled outfit.  And the woman on the right is fanciest of all, looking like she is heading out to dinner.  Why did the woman on the left show up in pants and work shoes?

I’m going to try to put together more posts on Frances Hur Hahn using her family’s collection. It provides fascinating visual information on the life and fashion of a Korean American woman coming of age in the early twentieth century.

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