Chic Trio, 1960

These three women have captured the look of polished sportswear.  Thanks to some sainted family historian, I have a lot of details about the snapshot. It was taken in Belmar, New Jersey in July 1960.  Although the handwriting isn’t entirely clear, I think that Dorothy Hatler is on the left, Callender Holdes in the middle, and Di Gay on the right.  Willie Gay stands in the back. 

Belmar is a small town on the Atlantic coast, a popular vacation spot.  Maybe Willie and Di rented a house for a vacation and invited friends over.  Maybe one of them lived there.  Whatever the situation, they look well prepared for summer fun.

And look at the array of bifurcated garments! According to this handy guide published in California Stylist in 1964, Dorothy on the left wears Bermuda shorts, Callender in the center has on pedal pushers, and Di on the right wears slacks.

Don’t their outfits look contemporary? The tie waist/knot waist shirt worn by Dorothy and Callender has made a fashion reappearance and Di’s statement sleeves are right in style. They would certainly fit in on the streets of Southern California today.  

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